Lunes, Abril 20, 2015

The completely free, safe, 99.6% effective way to avoid pregnancy

I was recently discussing birth control with friends of mine, about the various costs and advantages of each system. We discussed condoms, emphasizing their relative safety in use (for preventing both pregnancy and disease). We also discussed “the pill,” which the Germans call “the anti-baby pill,” as an effective anti-pregnancy method that unfortunately carries often unspoken ecological and potential health risks (it halves the size of the ovaries, but has thus, far not been associated significantly with any health risks).

Our discussion extended from effectiveness, health impacts, relative protection, and environmental consequences to the difficulty of acquisition and logistics in creation and distribution. Not entirely satisfied with all of the most common options (“the pill”, condom, completely avoiding sex, and the day-after pill), we then turned to the internet. More specifically: we turned to pubmed (which I can only recommend if you are trying to find evidence, instead of pseudoscience).

We looked into using biological indicators to track fertility, since our body relays information using hormones and that this would have some connection to a woman’s body in a measurable way.

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