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11 illuminating ways to light up your life (and home) with LED light strips


Colorful lights, if done right, can look cool and futuristic. LED light strips have come a long way, which means you can ditch the year-round Christmas lights for something cleaner-looking. What’s nice about LED strips, though, is that they’re thin and flexible, so you can put them places traditional bulbs can’t go, like under cabinets and in drawers. This means they’re also functional — they can shed a little light on what’s going on in the back of the fridge or under the bed.
Your options for where you want to put LED strips are limited mostly by your imagination, where you have an outlet, and what you don’t mind adhering something sticky to.
We’ve rounded up some Instructables and how-to videos to help you get started. If you plan to tackle any of these projects, just make sure to use caution.
Open-riser stairs look especially cool with LED lights, and they’re also functional, because those gaps can be especially treacherous at night, but you might be too blurry-eyed to want a full-fledged assault on your retinas. As you can see in this Instructables tutorial, there are ways to make the lights turn on automatically as you head down for a midnight snack.


Linggo, Disyembre 20, 2015

Staff Car Report: Hakkapeliitta R2 Winter Tires Prove Their Worth as Snow Storms Bite

With their limited range, low ground clearance and lack of all-wheel drive, it’s often assumed that electric cars like the Nissan LEAF are best in temperate climates in large cities where the weather remains fairly pleasant all year round.
Those who live where the weather is a little more wild, many believe, need the all-wheel drive capabilities of a powerful pickup truck or SUV to get through the winter months without incident. Electric cars, it’s assumed, just aren’t cut out for winter weather.

Here at Transport Evolved, we’ve always disagreed with that sentiment. After all, Norway — the world’s number one electric vehicle market per capita — gets some pretty harsh winter weather. And last time we checked, Norwegians don’t make their electric cars hibernate when the mercury drops. They simply put on a set of good quality winter tires.
This year, we’re following those wise Scandinavian electric car owners and seeing just how much difference proper winter tires can make to a city-going Nissan LEAF living through the wet and windy winter of the Pacific Northwest — and how much difference those tires make to handling, economy and safety when we leave the comforts of the city limits behind and head for Mount Hood’s famous ski resorts at the weekend.

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Lunes, Mayo 11, 2015

Renovating a Bedroom into a Bedroom Closet

Renovating a Bedroom into a Bedroom Closet:

I am actually thinking of having a walk-in closet. Have to tear down a
bedroom for this though. Using this as a guide, you may wanna watch the
video too:

From Bedroom to Walk-In Closet

Lunes, Abril 20, 2015

The completely free, safe, 99.6% effective way to avoid pregnancy

I was recently discussing birth control with friends of mine, about the various costs and advantages of each system. We discussed condoms, emphasizing their relative safety in use (for preventing both pregnancy and disease). We also discussed “the pill,” which the Germans call “the anti-baby pill,” as an effective anti-pregnancy method that unfortunately carries often unspoken ecological and potential health risks (it halves the size of the ovaries, but has thus, far not been associated significantly with any health risks).

Our discussion extended from effectiveness, health impacts, relative protection, and environmental consequences to the difficulty of acquisition and logistics in creation and distribution. Not entirely satisfied with all of the most common options (“the pill”, condom, completely avoiding sex, and the day-after pill), we then turned to the internet. More specifically: we turned to pubmed (which I can only recommend if you are trying to find evidence, instead of pseudoscience).

We looked into using biological indicators to track fertility, since our body relays information using hormones and that this would have some connection to a woman’s body in a measurable way.

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